1)          Where can I pick up my order?

You can pick up your order at your selected collection branch only


2)          Can I pick my order at my local tasty outlet or any tasty outlet of my choice?

Orders can only be picked up from the 5 selected branches only. These are NAME THEM


3)          Can I get a delivery to my location for free? 

Unfortunately we do not offer free delivery. However, we can agree to deliver your order for a fee to based on your location.


4)          If delivery is not free, how much do I have to pay?

Charges are currently fixed based on distance between our head office and your address


5)          Will my food come in hot or cold?

Some products are better blast chilled and served cold due to recommended temperature within which freshness of product is locked .e.g fried rice 


6)          Is there always a minimum quantity to order?

Yes, there is a minimum order for some products. This are specified on the website


7)          Can I make extra requests or state my preferences?

Yes, you can make extra request using a comment box during your ordering experience. Please note that request subject to terms


8)          Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel my order?

You may request that your Order is cancelled or changed after it has been submitted, but this will only be possible 48 hours before collection / delivery date during which an admin fee of 15% is chargeable.


9)          When can I make a complaint if I am not happy with the services or product?

Complaints must be made within 48 hours of collection.


10)          if I place an order on your website,, will I be able to pick up next day?

Unfortunately, due to factors considered to be able to provide good service, you would not be able to pick up next day. Please allow up to 48 hours to preferred collection date before placing your order. However, you can still call our catering team who might be able to help depending on the product of interest.


11)        If I place order on a Friday at 3pm, when is it likely to pick up?

If you place an order on our website from 3pm on Friday, your next possible collection day is Tuesday the following week.